Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Rules

Ok fine whatever. Its time to get SERIOUS about this shit. Sure its a lifestyle change but at the same time if I keep up this snails pace of weight loss I will finally be skinny when its time for me to DIE.

New game plan. New Rules. and I am warning everyone right here and now I am about to get psychotic for half a second.

Monday through Friday

Breakfast - 300 calories
Cereal + skim or almond milk + fruit
Egg whites + Veggies + Fruit

Lunch - 400 calories
Healthy Sandwich + veggies + fruit
Veggies + Fruit + Hummus
Low calorie Soup + Sandwich + fruit
cottage cheese + veggies + fruit

Dinner - 500 calories
Chicken or beans + fruit + veggies

Snacks - 0-400 calories
fruit or veggies w/hummus

No more sugar or white flour. Goodbye chocolate during the week!
small amounts of olive oil and condiments are fine.

Calories = between 1200-1600

Weekends = whatever but no more than 2000 calories.

Exercise... like its going out of style.


  1. Oh my lord girl you crack me up! I seriously just laughed so hard that Parker looked at me like I was crazy. It sounds just like something I would say. By the way I have been eating like its going out of style lately and gained 10lbs back. I started yesterday watching what I eat again *sigh*


  2. Thanks Wendy! It seems like a never ending cycle! Boo!

  3. It seriously is....and I love me some food too is what sucks about it! I wish I could eat all day and never get fat!