Monday, June 29, 2009

Not a bad day

AB&J = 200 calories
watermelon = 100 calories

Today I cooked up a bunch of stuff for the freezer using the 6.5 lbs of hamburger that I bought for $8.50
I made 2 meatloafs made with lots of veggies & oatmeal (will post recipe later if it turns out), 5 hamburgers (cooked on george forman cuz I skeered of my grill now), and 2 meals worth of cooked ground beef. The burgers SMELLED so good so that ended up being lunch.

Hamburger + Miracle Whip + mustard + tomato = 400 calories

Wayy later I got starving ??? and was CRAVING chocolate milk so this is a fake out-
Jay Robb chocolate protein powder + 8 ounces of 2 % = 200 calories

And I was full all afternoon - over 30 grams of protein will do that I guess. It was sweetened with Stevia and I didnt hate it. It was sweet enough but not chocolatey enough. I wish it was MO chocolate, if I had some coco powder I would have added it.

Dinner Veggie Lasagna made with lots of veggies and light cheese = 300 calories + a second helping = 150
and 2 unpictured banana strawberry muffin creations - 200 calories.
I used this recipe and subbed strawberries for the blueberries and did half whole wheat and half white. They are alright, I think I was the problem not the recipe- I undercooked them first and had to put them back in and they are mushy in the middle....definitly willing to try the recipe again.

Todays total = 1550 calories

1 hour walking at the park this morning
Exercise Calories Burned = 540

Hubs is out playing tennis with his man friends and I am debating between watching some girl tv and hitting the elliptical or just taking a shower and going to bed! I will let ya know tomorrow what wins!
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