Friday, June 19, 2009


Today is poo.

It should not be. I should be happy, joyful even. Yet I am depressed and the world is poo.

Here are the reasons why today "should" be a good day.

  • kid slept until almost 9
  • rocked a book sale at the library
  • went to an awesome water playgroup
  • kid napped for 2.5 hours

Here are the reasons I feel like poo

  • ate cherry dump cake - 250 calories for breakfast and pretended it did not exist since i did not take a picture of it
  • realized that my guest bathroom was VERY MESSY and I had guests over last night and had no clue...mortification 101
  • cleaned my grill from infernal chicken last night
  • Kid refused to eat much of anything today except for milk and corn pops even though he had a healthy lunch packed for him to share with mommy
  • Kid woke up screaming 15 minutes after starting his nap and I went to console him and decided not to get him out even though I think he might have been hungry because I really wanted him to take a nap and if I took him out of his bed he would not and he had ample food shoved at him all day and he only wanted the milk and corn pops. He pouted and went back to sleep for the above mention long ass nap.
  • instead of cleaning my house I laid down and slept for 1.5 hours even though I had plenty of sleep last night
  • I woke up and felt hugely guilty and lazy and so ate half a piece of cake and ice cream- 350 calories and polished it off with a big handful of salsa sun chips - 140 calories.

Today's consumption also included 3 cups of watermelon- 150 calories, 1 chicken breast- 150 calories and 1 cup of German potato salad- 180 calories.

1220 calories so far.

Dinner has yet to be consumed.

Update: Ate a good for me dinner of chicken breast with 2 tb pesto and 1 cup leftover german potato salad. Then had 1/2 cup of ice cream and blueberries and stayed under 2000 calories so all was not lost for the day.

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