Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shots & McDonald's

McDonald's biscuit with sausage and half a syrup = 510 calories

The kid showing off his double shot bandaids! He was eating pancakes and sausage from McDonald's and loving it! We were told by the dr yet again that he needed more fat and calories in his diet.. I am like DUDE he eats a lot and all the time and he eats what we eat so without adding sugar to his milk and butter to his fruit it is not physically possible to get him to eat more calories and not displace his healthy eating habits i.e. his love of fruits and veggies. I think the docs are just gonna have to live with the fact that my kid is happy and healthy in the 5th percentile.

Chicken, olive oil mayo on wheat bread - 250 calories, cantaloupe 100 calories
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