Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Telling people how much I weigh

Telling people how much I weigh in person face to face would bother me. I did it on here because well duh its a weightloss blog and peeps need to know the starting point. But should it really bother me?? I mean its not like people walk up to me and think "I bet she weighs 150 lbs" nah you can see my fat even if I have clothes on or I "carry it well". So why not tell everyone the number?

By telling it I have to FACE IT. I am really good about not being bothered by my fatness. When you have been forever big, it just becomes who you are.

I honestly like who I am. But being fat inhibits my life. I can not do things and I have to think about things and worry over "fat things" constantly.

Things like

  • fiting in small places

  • outdoor plastic furniture breaking

  • fat haters making comments

  • people not liking me soly based on my outside appearances

  • going to the dr and finding out that i have diabetes, high blood pressure ect. (hasn't happend yet but I am constantly worried about it)

  • future things like that my son will be teased in school because he has a fat mom

  • that I will end up like one of those people who can not get out of bed and has to have the wall of their house chopped down to get them out

ok fo real I could go on and on but its making me slightly depressed to write this so I think I will skip out now and leave therapizing for another day.

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