Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strep Throat but not

I have strep throat I am sure of it but my strep test came back negative. But it has to be strep because this much agony can not be anything but something super nasty. I have been eating soft foods for the last 2 days like beans, bananas, scrambled eggs but not much of anything because it hurts to eat...watermelon water burns...blah. I am off to soak in my tub with a mug of hot tea. On a plus side when I went to the dr today the nurse told me if blood pressure was a war I would be winning...What the hell??? Who says stuff like that?? But anyway it was 113/62 which is better than the 120/80 it was a month ago when I was at the dr. Which BTW is way better than it was a year ago when I was preggos with the kid- 150/98. I wonder if all the flax, fruit, veggies, and figs have anything to do with it or maybe its just a fluke?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I almost wished I was at work instead of home with my one year old.
This is how today went.
  • woke up to a kid and crib covered in POOP
  • cleaned up kid and crib
  • fed kid who promptly threw half his food on the floor
  • swept and mopped kitchen
  • attempted to keep the kid out of the trash can... lost cause
  • felt like a bad mother for yelling at the one year old who would not stay out of the trash
  • attempted to clean the house with a one year old who was determined not to let me

at this point I started to question the parenting deal... he yelled at me for no reason, cried for no reason, and laughed at me when I told him no. DUDE where did my sweet baby go???

I no longer wonder why I see no other food bloggers with kids blogging 3 times a day! I do take pictures of what I eat everyday and have been staying right around or under my 2000 goal but some days I just can't seem to make it to the computer. This seems to mostly happen on the weekends or holidays so from now on I am taking the pressure off weekends. I will post on Sundays what I ate for the weekend. Pictures are not mandatory!

Hey guess what???

MORE DATES! Seriously if you have never tried a Medjool date you don't know what you are missing! 140 calories

Tried another new dish! Roasted garlic cauliflower... have to say it wasn't great, it was ok but not great, maybe my cauliflower wasnt great??? usually I love cauliflower. The rest of dinner was WONDERFUL. Gardenburger "CHicken" grill- 100 calories, 3 ounces of potato 80 calories, 2 tb light sour cream- 45, 2 tb sharp cheddar 60 calories, tomato - 20, honey mustard- 45, snap beans- 40 calories

dessert- 4 tb cool whip- 50 calories, 100 calorie pack of oreo thin crisps, 50 calories of marshmellows and 25 calories of pb puffins

total for the day- 1540 plus a couple bites of cauliflower
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Dates Rock!

breakfast take one- 1/2 a serving of almonds (raw & unsalted) 80 calories + 2 dates 120 calories
FYI these dates are my new ADDICTION!

breakfast take 2- crackers 120 calories, Laughing Cow light- 35 calories and pickles 15 calories

Lunch- 1/2 a bolgna and ketchup sammie- 150 calories, dates- 120, cucumber, broccoli rice- 100, cottage cheese- 40 with light french 30

dessert- watermelon 75 calories

total- 785
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Saturday, May 23, 2009


After we left the lake we traveled the hour back to our town and went straight to a baseball game that kirts little brother was playing in. THEY WON! While there I had some peanuts - 200 calories and a strawberry shortcake bar- 160 calories. After the game was over...3 hours later we were starving and hit up chick-fil-a which has some great options.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich- 260 calories
Large fruit bowl- 100 calories
1/2 a large peach milkshake 300 calories - ok not a great choice- but well worth the calories :)

Now I am off to hydrate... I am soo thirsty after being in the sun ALL DAY. Tomorrow we will be going to several more baseball games and I am going to definitely pack better snacks for myself.

Total for the day- 1880

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day at the lake

breakfast??? You bet... by choosing grilled chicken over a breakfast sandwhich I saved 150 calories. I would have saved even more if I did some better planning and ate breakfast before leaving the house.

Kirts grandma made us lunch. Tuna on wheat with apples in it! chips/dip and pickles. Around 400 calories.

I wish my eyes had been open :(
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprized by hubs

Tonight my husband of 3 years and love of my life for 9 years surprized me.

He told me that he was excited about salad... for dinner. After his first bowl he said "is this a never ending salad bowl?" and then after his second bowl he said we should start having salad night once a week!

This is so amazingly cool because when hubs and I met he ate NO vegetables except corn, potatoes and occasionally green beans. Tonight he ate SPINACH, tomatoes, and butter lettuce!

it had boiled eggs, bacon, croutons and honey mustard too :)

I truly believe that how we eat is habits. We pick what we know and fix it the quickest way possible. Learning to cook different from our instincts/habits is HARD WORK! and it involves throwing away some stuff :( but for me I have to keep trying new ways to do things because the old ways haven't worked so far. And if my husband can learn to love spinach then I can learn to love exercise and meals that do not involve dessert.

Salad can have lots of calories!

Afternoon snack???Late dessert! 6 table spoons cool whip, 1 tsp candy topping, 1 tb pb + 100 calorie pack
total= 325 calories

Butter lettuce/spinach mix 25
cucumber 15
tomato 10
red onion 0
bacon 100
hard boiled egg 80
2 tb ceaser dressing 130

spinach cheese rice- 175 calories
Dessert- fruit salad made with 5 strawberries, 1 small banana, 3 tb pineapple, and a splash of orange juice - 160

total for snack+dinner= 1020 calories
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Flax Waffles

Flax/oat/wheat YUMMY waffles. 105 calories+ 1 tsp honey 20 calories
1/2 enchilada 175 calories
2 tb light sour cream 45 calories
1/2 cup beans - 120 calories

I ate about half of this and then decided I would rather have some more waffles!

2nd piece + one more not pictured - 210 calories + 2 tsp honey 40 calories

Total - around 600ish
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Groceries for the week

You can eat healthy on a budget. I search for manager specials, use coupons, and make meatless meals to cut our grocery bill. I also try to make things like muffins or bread from scratch. My biggest challenge is that I have to be very conscious of what I am buying so that I do not buy things that are unhealthy just because they are cheap... like all that white bread you have been seeing! it was on sale for less than a dollar a loaf. :(

This is what I bought for less than $50
Organic milk
organic spinach- manager special
5 Bertoli Mushroom sauce pouches (on sale for $1.01 and I had $1 off coupons!)
2 dozen eggs
light sour cream
lasagna noodles
strawberry ice cream mix :) (clearanced for $.17 each)
4 packages Smart Balance 50/50 blend ($1 after coupon)
orajel overnight fever blister patches- clearance
brown sugar
Kashi Waffles (free product coupon that I received in the mail from Kashi)
Kashi pizza (on sale for $3.99 and I had $3 off coupon)
cottage cheese
diapers (regular $12.99- on sale for $6.50 bc the package was ripped and then I had a $3 off coupon)
3 honey mustards ($.75 each after coupons)
snap peas
olive oil mayo ($1.40 after coupon)
red onion
salad ($1.50 after coupon)
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Volume Eating

1 cup of strawberries - 50 calories
1/2 cup 1 % cottage cheese - 80 calories

I like to eat (really who doesn't?) So I choose to do volume eating, I eat large amounts of low calorie foods. This big bowl of fruit and protein yummyness has the same amount of calories as 1 slice of toast with 2 tsp of butter! Now if I can just start saying NO to sweets I could change my blog name to skinny girl who loves cake :)
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strawberry Whoppers ROCK!

enchilada- 350 calories
beans- 150 calories

Snacks- 200 calories
Strawberry WHoppers- I had these for breakfast and 2 more handfuls- 1 when I got off work and 1 after dinner- 300 calories

Work was awesome today! Then when I got off, me, hubs and the kid met up with some friends at the park. We played and then took a good walk. Afterwards we went to Casa MExicana. Be proud- fat girl only ate 2 chips and half of her taco salad. WooHOO! Sorry for no pictures- it was a spur of the moment out to dinner thing and the camera was at home :) 600 calories

I am planning a pineapple drink- 100 calories.

total for the day = 1700 calories!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comfort Food

I am not sure whats up with me. I did not want anything at dinner time. Then around 9:30 I wanted comfort food. PB toast!
PB honey hot dog toast- 200
apple- 100
assorted crackers- 200
Pineapple juice and sugar free cherry drink- 50

total- 600 calories

Total for the day= 1805 but I am already planning some more hot dog toast so my total will be 2005.
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1 serving minimarshmellows- 100 calories
1 serving pb puffins- 110 calories
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Pizza with a twist

My oatmeal did not stick with me. I ate it around 8 and by 10:30 I was STARVING! Maybe the lack of protein??? I held off eating though until 11:30- I had this for a snack while I fixed my lunch.

Crackers- 60 Calories
Pepperonie- 140 calories

Pizza made with a tortilla! Next time I will toast the tortilla first and then add toppings, the middle of this was still super soft so I ended up rolling it up like a pizza burrito.

tortilla- 120 calories
1/2 serving pepperoni- 70 calories
1/4 cuplight mozzerella- 70 calories
2 tb spagettie sauce- 25 calories
fresh basil from my garden!!
1 cup of broccoli with 1 tsp butter- 85 calories
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese- 80 calories
1/2 cup strawberries- 25 calories
1/2 cup pineapple- 70 calories

total for my HUGE lunch + snack = 745 calories

Dinner tonight is chicken enchiladas, black beans and tomatoes. I made them and put them in the fridge already. We will see if hubs notices that they are made with WAY less cheese than normal.

Kid is napping, food is blogged, dinner is done, clothes are washed and my kitchen is clean. Now if I can get the bed made, clothes put away and a walk in, today will be a GREAT day!
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Boring but good

1 serving oats- 110 calories
1/2 serving raisins - 70 calories
1 tb brown sugar- 45 calories
1/2 cup whole milk- 75 calories

total- 300 calories

this was yummy. I fixed this for me and the kid (hence the whole milk). I think he ate more than me :)
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Larry's Update

I have been having some issues with both my camera and uploading but I think I have them all fixed. So heres the damage from Larry's on Thursday, wow almost a week ago. This wee has gone so fast, we had the kid's 1st birthday party this weekend and had 35 guests! Also my sister has been in town with us!

I ate half the salad and one of the cheese pieces- the other was for the kid.

ate them both OY!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How honest can I be?

I refuse to lie on this blog.

Fat girl ate cake this weekend. Lots of cake.

Homemade strawberry with almond frosting birthday cake.

it wasnt fat girls birthday and she still ate 4 pieces....4 big pieces.
(Over 2.5 days... gotta love the fat girl justification as if spreading it out made it better for me)

Then fat girl woke up and sent all the rest of the addictive cake to hubs work.


really any sweet is my crack. How do I become healthy around holidays and special events? I suppose I should just stop making yummys. But I am really good at making yummys, boo. I guess I will just have to settle for...

self control + new habits

On the plus side of cake- I also made lemon and cherry iced cupcakes for my moms group monthly birthday lunch on Monday and I had exactly 1 bite. I was smart and did not take any of the leftovers home either.

PS I still want another piece of cake, if it was here I would so be eating a piece with a large glass of milk!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it acceptable to skip meals?

I am having a conflict. I know that we are going out to a pizza buffet place for lunch. My sister is in town for the kids birthday and we are taking her to Larry's.
Which FYI is OMG good.
Its a buffet place where the bring the pizza to you.
Ya, its bad.
I was debating skipping breakfast because I know lunch numbers are going to suck.

There are 2 sides to the debate going on in my head.

1. skipping breakfast works- saves some calories and also since you wont eat snacks this afternoon, it will be just a two meal day...

2. Skipping meals is wrong and bad for your metabolism. You will overeat because you are to hungry. "saving" calories is too food disordered.

blah blah blah

I think I will have something small- like an apple very soon to when we are going out to lunch so I am not starving. Then I am making sure to take a picture of everything I eat at the Buffet, which will definitly make me eat less. and skip any afternoon snacks and go for a light dinner- veggies and chicken!


Confused by TBL... dude me too! I was browsing some weight loss blogs and it kept popping up, finally I got it. The Biggest Loser.
Ya, sometimes I am that slow.
On one of those said sites I found a quote that sums up my diet exactly. Its a quote made by Jillian Michaels- trainer for the Biggest Loser and she made it at the 2007 Blogher conference.

"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bullshit."

This is what I believe in (but I need to be working out way more!) Diet plans just make my head hurt and they force me to eat what I do not like which I suck at.
I can usually last for a week on a diet. and then I want to eat normal.
Food i can serve to guests, food that is served in restaurants.
TO ever truly lose weight I know that
I have to change my eating patterns and behaviors.
You know- Just say NO to dessert and yes to fruit and exercise.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dude, wheres the chocolate???

Kashi Strawberry Flax Waffles- 160 calories
1 cup sliced strawberries- 50 calories
1/2 a yogurt- 60 calories

Taco Salad
3 tb lite sour cream 65 calories
1 cup of lettuce- 10 calories
1 cup tomato- 30 calories
1/2 cup black beans- 110 calories
1/4 cup shredded Kraft Natural Sharp CHeddar (some of the BEST shredded cheese!)-120 cal.
2 taco shells- 150 calories

3/4 cup pb puffins- 110 calories

medium diet dr. pepper with cherry- 50 calories
unpictured cheese stick - 90 calories and large bite of chocolate chip cookie- 100 calories??

salad with light italian- 75 calories
1 cup of broccoli- 50 calories
1 cup red pepper pasta sauce- 120 calories
1/2 cup (4) Bertoli Chicken Ravioli- 150 calories
1 meatball - 40 calories
1/2 serving turkey pepperoni- 40 calories
bread- 190 calories
total= 1770 calories

No chocolate day!!! well almost. Stupid cow at the bakery shop was like your kid needs a free cookie... I can't seem to have sweets in my hand without eating a bite so blah!
But anyways still a way good day!! Wooohooo and my funky butt mowed the lawn for 1.5 hours!!!