Saturday, June 13, 2009

Damn Easter Bunny

Breakfast on the road- egg mcmuffin minus the cheese 250 calories + a large unsweet tea
We were on our way to hubs little bros baseball game in Sheridan to watch baseball but also to pick up the kid who had spent 2 nights with Mamaw & Papaw...ya that helped the whole stress thing like 100% LOVED IT! and I love that I totally do not worry for one second when the kid is with them and I worry A LOT over everything and nothing.

Lunch: Tuna 200 calories + crackers 120 calories + watermelon 100 calories

Yummy Tuna:
2 packets of tuna (the kind with one serving in each, I made this for me & hubs)
1/2 a Fuji apple
1 slice of green pepper chopped small
2 tb sugar free relish
2 tb miracle whip

Damn Bunnies! Hubs grandmother FORCED us to take stupid Easter candy. Don't ask why we are eating the Easter Bunny in June... we are just religious peoples, like that, we celebrate Jesus everyday. 140 calories

We are going to a LARGE bbq tonight. Sigh... with desserts....lots of desserts. Probably cake and this blog isn't called fat girl who loves cake for nothing. Pray for me :) specifically pray I can eat as much cake as I want tonight and lose weight! ok I know that is not realistic. Pray that I stick to my goal to eat only stuff I love and follow the whole "taste everything, finish nothing" mantra and use a small plate.
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