Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy morning

I was on a mission this morning to get me and the kid to the park at the butt crack of dawn to avoid the heat.

We did not make it before the heat.

My child who has been getting up between 6:30-7 did not wake up til 8. But since I got up at 6:30, I got the house picked up, laundry done and some letters written to family. And then just to show off I got the kid and my breakfast packed. When the sleepy head finally decided to wake up I threw an out fit on him and hit the road.

At the park I walked for an hour then let the Kid play and swing for a half hour.

Snarky comment alert

While we were at the park I noticed this lady had a spray bottle and was misting down the equipment to cool it before her kids played on it and thought wow good idea and kudos to you for being all on top of your shit. Well then the "organized and put together lady" came up and asked me if she could have a diaper because she forgot one for her one year old.

REALLY??? a diaper was forgotten but you remembered the mister full of water??

I gave her one then about that time 8 bus loads of kids from various daycares and churches started showing up so we dipped out to the post office to mail our letters and then to Kroger for more fruit, blueberries are on sale for $1.50 a carton this week!


  1. OMG I just had to say that you're cracking me up

  2. one more thing-I just noticed that you've lost 9 pounds and I had to say CONGRATULATIONS!!