Monday, June 29, 2009


Crazing- Crazy Ass Cravings

most often seen in pregnant women but can be seen on a semi regular basis from the fatgirl.

hmmm dump cake.

cherry pie filling + coconut + dry cake mix + stick of butter + pineapple

= holy cow good

I want one but I am resisting. Megan tells me its not worth...I am kinda convinced that she is wrong on this one.

FYI shes the biatch that introduced me to the sugary nasty goodness that is dump cake in the first place.

Wish I could figure out how to make that one healthy...oy and low sugar.

Anyways I read a crazy good post over at Oh She Glows.

Had some interesting "evolutionary" information.
Basically she talked about a study that found that everyone has cravings, and the more weight you lose the more likely you are to have intense cravings because it is our bodies trying to get us to eat. Because our bodies do not know that 276 lbs is not a good weight well unless you get trapped on a deserted island and then you can live off your own individual fat buffet for a couple of years.

Now I just got to get in the habit of either 1. satisfying my craving with something low in calories or 2. realize that a craving means I am losing weight and that should make me happy and happiness can now make me full.

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