Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Answer to the question WHY?

Why are you taking pictures of everything you eat and putting it on a blog for the world to see???

Good question.

I was reorganizing my office this weekend and stumbled on some of my old journals. I love to procrastinate and hate to clean so I cracked them open and took a walk down memory lane.

I noticed 2 things.

1. that I was CRAZY when i was in high school
2. that my goal for the last 14 YEARS has been to lose weight

14 years... really that long and I havent gotten it taken care of??? WTF

Usually I am a take care of it kind of girl. I make goals and karate chop them down. quickly.

In the last 14 years while not losing weight I have (in no particular order):
  • Moved to Arkansas
  • received and maintained a full paid scholarship to HSU
  • bachelors degree - 3.68 gpa
  • masters degree - 4.0 gpa
  • Moved 7-8 times
  • got married - made many of the decorations
  • had a kid
  • joined a sorority...dropped out of a sorority
  • made friends....lost friends....met some more
  • sold LOTS of stuff on half.com and ebay
  • owned a daycare for like a minute
  • dealt with parents divorcing
  • dealt with parents remarrying
  • held 5-6 DIFFERENT jobs
  • presented at several conferences
  • was elected for secretary of the ArLCA division of ArCA

ok u get the picture, I have been busy. I have made more than 8 billion to do lists and goal lists in my life and have accomplished everything that I have really set out to do so far...but lose weight well and become a stripper but like I said when I was young I crossed the line into crazy for a bit.

I honestly FORGET that I am fat and need to workout and eat better. Ok forget might not be the best word, I get busy with other things and weightloss is hard and annoying and it takes commitment over time. I am better at pulling all nighters than I am about doing a little bit everyday. Blah. I have started and stopped and thought of starting next week or on Monday or after the Holidays and then I forget and some more time passes and then I look up and I have been fat for more than half of my life.

So the answer to the question is simple: by making myself take pictures of everything I eat and then blog about it every day, I am forced to THINK every single day about losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier. It is auto-piloted to a priority and I LOVE THAT.

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  1. I have to say that you taking pictures of everything you eat has made me think about what I'm eating even more. I always think "would I want to take a picture of this and put it on a blog like Renee??" I know that you are inpiring others with this blog even if they're not commenting on here.