Friday, October 15, 2010

I want this bike..

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

so bad :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i am horrible at this kind of thing

I do not do forwards, prayer request chains, coupon trains, and/or blog award thingys. But i am going to ...Because Megan said to and you just do what Megan makes life easier.

The rules are that I need to share ten honest things about myself with all of you, and then award ten of my favorite bloggers. I know that none of the people that I read will do this but here we go for me.

  1. i hate to clean but when I do it I tend to do it in my underwear. I have no clue why.
  2. i like to ride the 20 minutes to and from work in silence... no radio. my job involves a lot of talking and listening and it makes me tired.
  3. I always wanted to have a foster child in my house growing up and begged to go to an all girls boarding school from 12-14.
  4. My favorite food is blueberry jam and all natural pb on wheat bread. Could seriously eat this for every meal.
  5. i am ok with peeing in the shower also i have no problems with men and toilet seats and think women who freak out over it are just being dramatic.
  6. i hate the act of change but love to dream and make plans for it.
  7. i would love to sell everything but the bare essentials and live a more simple life but its awfully complicated to get rid of things.
  8. i know if i am going to be best friends with someone within 1 hour of meeting them...always. I tend to know in that amount of time if i am going to dislike them as well.
  9. i like to to say "retard" and "fuck" a lot. but i have been working to quit because as a mommy and a therapist it makes me look unprofessional...but i still like to say the words.
  10. in my dreams i have black hair and lots of tattoos.

ok i lied. Thats all I got. I do not know 10 bloggers who are not super famous and prolly get a million of these a day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy diary

SO I stayed up til 10:30 making pink speckled rice crispy treats and putting them in cute little pink heart covered bags.

I went to bed feel like the mommy who had her shiz together.

Then this morning I overslept and just barely made it out the door on time.

again felt like I had my shiz together be we made it with all of his Valentines stuff and me a healthy lunch.

then i got to daycare 25.5 minutes later and went to get the kid out of the car and realized that I had forgot his shoes....

yes. no shoes.

So I stuff the kid back in his car seat and speed to walmart where kid sees the Valentines Cupcakes and screams at the top of his lungs "cupcake.. cupcake" all the way to the back of the store... the whole time I am trying to pick out a pair of non ugly toddler shoes that fit... all the way to the check out line and the whole car ride back to his daycare.

At which point he sees a ball and gets distracted...."momma... ball, mommma football"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week I worked from home 2 days because of the Arkansas Blizzard.

and I realized 2 things:

1. I could never work from home full time... way too many distractions.

2. I would be happier if I worked less days of the week.

If my PhD plan falls through I am going to find a contract position that will let me work 3 days a week because I miss my baby...and having time to do fun stuff...and be less busy.

PS. I am about to do something I thought I would never store bought cookies for the 2 year olds Valentines party at daycare tomorrow. because I am just too tired and have more work to do tonight.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Todays Yummys

Breakfast- homemade roasted red pepper hummus and carrot chips 150

Grilled chicken breast and cheese stick...did not eat the salad because I left my dressing at home :( 400 calories

Starving snack when I got home
PB&J on Arnolds Whole Wheat Thin - 250
Marshmellows and Mint Chocolate chips - 100
1/2 cup whole milk- 75

apple 100
arnold thin 100
1/2 small avocado 150
1/2 cup shredded chicken 100

plus an unpictured small banana 100

total 1525
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I had this urge to write "oooooo pick me pick me pick me" on my Ph.D. applications.

I didnt..but i really really wanted to.

When my first draft got done I sent it to my mom for "shredding" because if nothing else she's honest. well and a good writer.

My dad called me and said "its too informal and sounds like a blog" I asked if it was entertaining and he told me yes, very and funny.

I cussed at him because i was acting like a child and he hurt my feelings and I wanted my MOTHER to read the stupid thing. I am pretty sure I referenced to my father that she sucks as a mom and support system and this is the most important thing in my life blah blah blah yeah i was like 15 again.

What can I say. I have mommy complications. Its a long story. Really short goes like this- parents divorced when i was 16, dad got custody and moved us from the big city where we had grown up to bumfuck no wheres arkansas, we spent most of our time taking turns insulting my mother and sharing stories of the mean stuff we did to her during summer visits like steal her jewelery and pawn it.

Then my parents got remarried 2 years ago on valentines day. Yeah you can throw up if you need to.

Now they are very happily married with no kids and 2 dogs and a cat in texas.

Now everyone is nice to one another and when my sister, father and I get together we have a hell of a lot less to talk about.

My mom called a couple hours after i said my mean things to dad.

She apologized. not sure she has ever done that.

Skeegy bitch.

she has been busy with her first week back to nursing school and helping my dad get ready to move to Florida for his new job. I felt petty and mean and self centered. Boo.

Then she helped me write my paper better.

Somewhat boring. but less rambling, more professional and doctor like.

Now if I dont get in I can blame my parents. lol

today is a good day.

Today I completed my application for the Ph.D. Program I reallly reallly really want to be accepted into.

I am ok if I dont get in because I believe that my lifes path always works out how it is supposed to.

Plan B is to have another baby. like yesterday. well lose weight then get pregnant then have another baby.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

we made up and i ate pizza

We fought and argued all day. got ALL of our issues regurgitated and flushed and ordered Dominos for dinner. Go figure.

I am ok with that. Since my only goal right now eating wise is NO SWEETs.

Soon I will add to my eating goals but for right now I needed to get my sugar addiction under control.

Wanna know my trick?? When I: see, want or are offered sweets in my head I just say "sure have the damn cookie, you dont really need your eye sight or your feet right?"

it works for now.
I signed up to do the "biggest loser" competition with my peeps at work. Again.

Last time I lost a total of 2lbs and really I am not sure I can really claim even that because the final weigh involved me in taking off various layers of clothing so that I would not end up owing those Nazis any more money.

Can you ever really look your superviser in the face again when you weighed in front of her in a teeshirt, socks and your panties??

She assured me that she got naked as well, but I am not so sure that she just was trying to make me feel less like a fool.

In my own defense when we started it was still hot and I wore skirts and light shirts and by the final weigh in I was wearing 2 shirts and jeans. Ok ya I am giving excuses. I am pretty sure I never "dieted" the whole 3 months. Every 2 weeks when we weighed in I would just pray there was not a gain on the scale because I hate giving money away.

But now we are starting over from scratch.

and you better believe I wore like 14 layers to give myself a "buffer" of sorts because you pay wether you stay the same or gain.

OMG reading this over I feel like a loser...

No desserts for over a week now, made it to the gym twice and walked in the neighborhood once and I am down 1.5 lbs.

P.S My husband is still annoying me. His work is stressful, my work is stressful and our kid was sick earlier in the week. Not a good combination. I miss the days of staying home with my kid, life was so less complicated and so more enjoyable.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Me & hubs have not been on the same level recently. Basically I think we hate each other and I am not sure why. Blah. and Bleh. Because it sucks and makes me want to eat and hibernate in my bed.

I know it will get better, we have been together for going on 10 years so this is not the first time we have been "off" but I just wish it would hurry up and be over.

I wish i could "therapize" us and me and him and make it all better but life does not really work that way. So instead he will play his video games and I will blog and when our mutual stresses calm down we will like each other again. I hope.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i have a love/hate relationship with BL.

they always portray fat people as so sad and hopeless and friendless and loveless and spineless and self esteemless.

I know it makes good tv but geez cant they have one person a season who actually likes themselves A LITTLE BIT???

U know a person who loves them selves and cheesecake?
A new year. i love it.

2010 Goals

exercise 3x a week

apply for Phd Program

try 1 new thing a month

Hey fatgirl! shouldnt your goals be like lose 100 lbs run a marathon eat healthy exericise everyday for 3 hours...


had those...they didnt work out so well for me.

I want to complete my goals this year.

Note of encouragement to myself.

Dear self,
You rock! Keep it up and add some more.
the sexy beast