Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too many calories & poison control

1 piece toast with butter and jam - 140
soup/ab&j/crackers - 600
chocolate cookies - 300
chips&dip - 200 calories
iced animal cookies - 140 calories
hamburger&vegetable gratin -900 ??? definitely not more and maybe less.

2280 calories for the day

BOOO because that is definitely is not 2000 or less


Eating healthy??

Exercise calories burned - 45 minutes walking pushing a stroller - 400 calories burned and it was BURNING. We got to the park by 8:30 and it was already over 90 degrees and there was lots of humidity BLAH!

On a slightly embarrassing kid note...had to call poison control for the first time last night. Jackson decided to sneak to his room to eat some diaper rash cream. Yeah thats gross. FYI they have to eat an entire tube to need medical attention. Lucky for me the tube was about empty!

PS the pictures are on my computer but Picasa is not uploading for me AGAIN, I am not sure what the deal is.

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