Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Carolina Governor admits to affair

Ok So I am hoping I am not the only one who saw this coming... I mean really, with the story that came out it could go one of two ways..he went off the deep end or he had an affair.
For those who havent heard: No one knew where this guy went...even his wife... then it was he was hiking then it was he wanted to go somewhere exotic so he went to Argentina now he's admitting that he has been having an affair AND that his wife and family have known about it for 4 months. Booo! Bad form. It was fathers day and he spent it with his lover in another county. Gee thats the kind of man I would want to run my state. NOT
Maybe if they are really lucky and have a couple more handfuls of kids they can be famous like Jon & Kate and make some money with their own reality show.
They could call it " I am the Govenor of South Carolina so its ok that I cheated on my wife and that she stays with and covers for me because she likes the money"

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