Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almond Butter tastes good with carrots!

BEST lunch I have had in a LONG time. Well maybe.
We made it to the park before 8 this morning and then a friend came and so I ended up walking for about 1.5 hours and then we let the kiddos play for a while. Then my kid fell asleep in the car and I had errands to run and we did not get home till 11:30 with no breakfast for me (my kid I packed tons of stuff for but none for me LOL). So when I ate this at 12:30 I was STARVING and it tasted really really good!

Fake chicken patty + miracle whip + mustard + tomato slices + white wheat bun = 250 calories
watermelon = 100 calories
almond butter + carrots = 150 calories of PURE YUM!

These were soo much better today, now I will definitely make this again!
I ended up eating 3 of these through the afternoon - 300 calories

chicken breast pieces - 100 calories
2 whole boiled egg whites plus 1/2 a egg yolk - 50 calories
croutons - 150 calories worth
red onion
1 cucumber
1 tomato
4 tb Cesar dressing - 320 calories
700 calories

I got done with dinner and I wanted chocolate. LOTS OF IT. Luckily none was at my house or it would have been GONE. I asked hubs to get me some... he said sure what did I want. I really really wanted at the time a butter finger blast from Sonic with extra candy, (yeah, I am a member of the go big or go home club). So I went and looked how many calories that was going to be that I was going to have to blog about: 600! for the smaller size with no extra candy.

I was still thinking that I was going to eat it and blog it and a say F*** it.

Then I thought about a convo I had with Megan about having a treat day, and how I already planned to eat a bunch of really yummy stuff at the 4th of July Picnic we are going to Saturday and then I checked my blog and read Kami's comment (thank you!) and the craving passed. THen my cranko kid woke up crying and since it was so cool outside the whole family took a walk for 20 minutes. Now the kid is asleep (hopefully for good) and I am off to take a shower and go to sleep.

Total Calories Eaten: 1500
Total Calories Burned: 998
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