Monday, June 22, 2009

Its official, I PASSED!

Breakfast was an on the run strawberry cereal bar- 140 calories and 1/2 ounce toffee candy- 100 calories plus LOTS and LOTS of water during and after my 1 hour walk in some hot humid weather.

watermelon - 150 calories
chicken breast + spinach + German Potato salad 300 calories
The sonic cup in the background is a large water with lemon!

1/4 homemade flax waffle with AB&J - 200 calories

Last of the chicken and potatoes plus LOTS of spinach and some Parmesan - 450 calories

oreo thin crisps + chocolate icing = 300 calories

Todays Total = 1640 calories

1 hour walk pushing a stroller = 545 calories burned

PS. Today I got the letter that says I have officially passed all the hoops and I am a licensed associate counselor...well that is as soon as I send them a check for $140! LOL
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