Saturday, April 24, 2010

i am horrible at this kind of thing

I do not do forwards, prayer request chains, coupon trains, and/or blog award thingys. But i am going to ...Because Megan said to and you just do what Megan makes life easier.

The rules are that I need to share ten honest things about myself with all of you, and then award ten of my favorite bloggers. I know that none of the people that I read will do this but here we go for me.

  1. i hate to clean but when I do it I tend to do it in my underwear. I have no clue why.
  2. i like to ride the 20 minutes to and from work in silence... no radio. my job involves a lot of talking and listening and it makes me tired.
  3. I always wanted to have a foster child in my house growing up and begged to go to an all girls boarding school from 12-14.
  4. My favorite food is blueberry jam and all natural pb on wheat bread. Could seriously eat this for every meal.
  5. i am ok with peeing in the shower also i have no problems with men and toilet seats and think women who freak out over it are just being dramatic.
  6. i hate the act of change but love to dream and make plans for it.
  7. i would love to sell everything but the bare essentials and live a more simple life but its awfully complicated to get rid of things.
  8. i know if i am going to be best friends with someone within 1 hour of meeting them...always. I tend to know in that amount of time if i am going to dislike them as well.
  9. i like to to say "retard" and "fuck" a lot. but i have been working to quit because as a mommy and a therapist it makes me look unprofessional...but i still like to say the words.
  10. in my dreams i have black hair and lots of tattoos.

ok i lied. Thats all I got. I do not know 10 bloggers who are not super famous and prolly get a million of these a day.