Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paperwork + Walking

strawberries + special k + almond milk = 260 calories

+ paperwork = zero calories....but lots of headaches. I was updating the bylaws for my counseling organization. FUN ummm or not. But now its done.

I cant figure out why sometimes it lets me write not centered under a centered picture and sometimes it wont. Regardless lunch was ab + blackberry jam on whole wheat bread = 220 with some more of the famous potato salad, about 3/4 a cup = 3oo calories
Exercise so far was a 20 minute walk with the kid first thing this morning and then while we were out a friend called and invited us to the park. We walked for about 40 minutes - around the hilly walking trail and then let the kiddos play for a while.
1 hour of walking pushing a stroller at my weight = 550 calories burned

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