Thursday, June 18, 2009

No one is calling me Martha anytime soon

Warning: Do not try this at home.

I had a great plan. Make a healthy dinner for friends and play cards. What was that about the best laid plans?? Well anyways.

On the menu:

Pennsylvania Chicken
German Potato Salad

and then the guests were providing dessert and deviled eggs.

Here's what happened that led me to believe that God just did not believe that Pennsylvania Chicken should be on the menu.

First I went to make the marinade on Wednesday and had no oil, even though I had been to the store twice. Then Megan brought oil but the chicken smelled foul. Not in a bird way but in a bad way. So I went to the store and got more chicken and went to make the marinade, it calls for 1 tb of poultry seasoning and I had less than that. I gave up hoping for the best chicken and just prayed it would be eatable. Poured the marinade on and put the chicken in the fridge.

Fast forward to Thursday evening when I went out to start the grill.

No propane.

You got to be kidding me, I mean REALLY.

Kirt went to Home Depot, usually this trip would take 15 minutes because the exchange thing is outside and you just swipe a credit card, grab and go. Nope not so much. It took 45 minutes because of some issue with the system.

He gets home, the grill get heated up. I throw the chicken on. Leave for a couple minutes come and come back to MASSIVE FLAMES! Run around like a chicken with my legs on fire to get kirt the baking soda, Kirt got the fire out but burned his fingers. THank God that the propane did not explode. IT WAS A BIG FIRE.

I really felt like an idiot. Should not have went back inside. C'est la vie. At least my friends were supportive and no one teased me for tearing up a little either.

We ordered Pizza Hut and life went on.

Next time I think I will make food that is already done before people arrive or just order pizza to start.

I know one things for sure, I got the message Pennsylvania Chicken should only be eaten in Pennsylvania.
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