Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up Part 1

This was Saturdays dinner-small apple, some chicken breast, 2 carrots, 1 tb of almond butter and a cucumber + an unpictured Fiber 1 bar and before you go Oh Wow Fat biatch was eating low calorie, good for her she might lose 3 lbs instead of 1 this week let me clue you in on what I ate for lunch..
Texas Road House - LOTS of peanuts, couple pieces of onion blossom, 1/2 a roll with butter, salad with ranch (Best.Ranch.Ever.) grilled chicken and plain sweet potato and then for dessert a small oreo frozen custard from Shakeys.

I can't find the nutritionals for Texas Road or Shakey's which generally means theres a shitload.

Breakfast Sunday (ya well not really because you see my 1 year old decided that really I made these spinach/onion egg cupcakes for him so I had to reheat me some more) - 300 calories

Peanut shells because I forgot to take the picture.... 2 cups in shell = 680 calories

3 cups of watermelon X 2 = 300 calories
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