Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I almost wished I was at work instead of home with my one year old.
This is how today went.
  • woke up to a kid and crib covered in POOP
  • cleaned up kid and crib
  • fed kid who promptly threw half his food on the floor
  • swept and mopped kitchen
  • attempted to keep the kid out of the trash can... lost cause
  • felt like a bad mother for yelling at the one year old who would not stay out of the trash
  • attempted to clean the house with a one year old who was determined not to let me

at this point I started to question the parenting deal... he yelled at me for no reason, cried for no reason, and laughed at me when I told him no. DUDE where did my sweet baby go???

I no longer wonder why I see no other food bloggers with kids blogging 3 times a day! I do take pictures of what I eat everyday and have been staying right around or under my 2000 goal but some days I just can't seem to make it to the computer. This seems to mostly happen on the weekends or holidays so from now on I am taking the pressure off weekends. I will post on Sundays what I ate for the weekend. Pictures are not mandatory!

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