Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey guess what???

MORE DATES! Seriously if you have never tried a Medjool date you don't know what you are missing! 140 calories

Tried another new dish! Roasted garlic cauliflower... have to say it wasn't great, it was ok but not great, maybe my cauliflower wasnt great??? usually I love cauliflower. The rest of dinner was WONDERFUL. Gardenburger "CHicken" grill- 100 calories, 3 ounces of potato 80 calories, 2 tb light sour cream- 45, 2 tb sharp cheddar 60 calories, tomato - 20, honey mustard- 45, snap beans- 40 calories

dessert- 4 tb cool whip- 50 calories, 100 calorie pack of oreo thin crisps, 50 calories of marshmellows and 25 calories of pb puffins

total for the day- 1540 plus a couple bites of cauliflower
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