Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Catchup!

I have lots of pictures on my camera and my computer of all the nice healthy well balanced meals I have been eating... but I have been so busy finishing up this semester, preparing for graduation, cleaning my house for company, pricing and organizing garage sale items and taking care of a cranky, teething, WALKING, almost one year old that I have not had time to post.
The week is now finished and I am all caught up with the other parts of my life. I started this post with the intention of backtracking and putting all the pictures for wednesday, thursday and today but I am tired and lazy and want to go to bed now (at 11:23 pm) so that I can rise with the sun to hit the super duper humongo Hurricane Lake Estates community wide yard sale that is taking place in the morning.

Next week I will do better with keeping up!

2 great things that I have done this week.
1. ordered responsibly when eating out- grilled chicken, grilled veggies and salad instead of a burger and onions rings
2. ate fruit instead of dessert!

ps. its working...I am down another lb!!!!

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