Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pizza with a twist

My oatmeal did not stick with me. I ate it around 8 and by 10:30 I was STARVING! Maybe the lack of protein??? I held off eating though until 11:30- I had this for a snack while I fixed my lunch.

Crackers- 60 Calories
Pepperonie- 140 calories

Pizza made with a tortilla! Next time I will toast the tortilla first and then add toppings, the middle of this was still super soft so I ended up rolling it up like a pizza burrito.

tortilla- 120 calories
1/2 serving pepperoni- 70 calories
1/4 cuplight mozzerella- 70 calories
2 tb spagettie sauce- 25 calories
fresh basil from my garden!!
1 cup of broccoli with 1 tsp butter- 85 calories
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese- 80 calories
1/2 cup strawberries- 25 calories
1/2 cup pineapple- 70 calories

total for my HUGE lunch + snack = 745 calories

Dinner tonight is chicken enchiladas, black beans and tomatoes. I made them and put them in the fridge already. We will see if hubs notices that they are made with WAY less cheese than normal.

Kid is napping, food is blogged, dinner is done, clothes are washed and my kitchen is clean. Now if I can get the bed made, clothes put away and a walk in, today will be a GREAT day!
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