Friday, May 8, 2009

Shreveport Day 2

On day 2 we visited the BEST restaurant in Shreveport- Pasadas- homemade tortillas and amazing fajitas and sopillas! Plus if you actully have room on your way out you can pick up free soft serve ice cream cones.

At Pasasdas when you sit down they bring you...chips and warm tortillas! Holey Carbs Fat girl!

Their salsa was like crack but the cheese dip was not my thing so sticking with my only eat it if I LOVE it rule, after this tortilla with cheese dip and salsa I went to straight salsa for everything else. FYI there are 120 calories in each tortilla! 170 calories

I tried a very effective tool for chip managment, usually I just munch mindlessly- this time I counted out my 13 chip serving and put it on a plate- for the first time ever there was over half a basket of chips when me and hubs left! (OMG I practiced self control! WooHooo) 270 calories
Chicken Fajitas- lunch portion with double black beans (i ate about 1/3 of these), 3 tortillas, 1 tb of guacamole and 1 tb of sour cream - I did not use the garlic butter sauce pictured because I put the crack salsa on everything! around 1000 calories??? I am looking up amounts for other restaurants so this is kind of a guess, but I tried to go high.
Sopillias (sp) with honey 400 calories
Dinner was a less grand affair LOL- when we checked into our hotel we received free buffet passes.
I ate all the pineapple, ham and salad and a bite of the other fruit and ravioli and left them. 400 calories
More ham because it was extra good, I ate one sausage link, all the potatoes and all the cheesey rice. 400 calories.

Dessert- I did not eat the cake or the peach cobbler but did eat the bread pudding, bite of cream pie and piece of rice crispy treat. 300 calories.
Total: 2940
Ok I have to talk myself down from the ledge here.... its not awful, its vacation and you did not consume the whole basket of chips.Ok now move on.

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