Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strawberry Whoppers ROCK!

enchilada- 350 calories
beans- 150 calories

Snacks- 200 calories
Strawberry WHoppers- I had these for breakfast and 2 more handfuls- 1 when I got off work and 1 after dinner- 300 calories

Work was awesome today! Then when I got off, me, hubs and the kid met up with some friends at the park. We played and then took a good walk. Afterwards we went to Casa MExicana. Be proud- fat girl only ate 2 chips and half of her taco salad. WooHOO! Sorry for no pictures- it was a spur of the moment out to dinner thing and the camera was at home :) 600 calories

I am planning a pineapple drink- 100 calories.

total for the day = 1700 calories!
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