Monday, May 11, 2009

Doritos and cottage cheese???

Breakfast- cottage cheese 90 calories, 2 servings of doritos 280 calories - I love this combo and I think I might be the only one!!
Snack- 100 calories

Lunch- cheap calorie chili - 120 calores, toasted tomato cheese 300 calories, goldfish- 140 calories
tootsie pop- 60 calories
I had this 1/3 a cup plus a spoonful or too more- so 1/2 a cup = 200 calories
Dinner- 6 oz ribeye- 250 calories, salad 100 calories, 1/2 a small baked potatoe with 1 tb cheese and 1 tb light sour cream 160 calories
dessert- 200 calories eaten with a little spoon so i dont inhale it!

I am really hungry right now but I am skipping breakfast because last night I had a mini-binge at like midnight. I dont know if I should call it a binge- that word makes me think I was bad and I dont want to think that way. Basically I got hungry because I stayed up too late and I kept ignoring it because my calories were perfect at 2000 for the day and then oops I at pb& wheat thins and a 100 calorie pack to the tune of 700 CALORIES.
No pictures- i had 4tb of pb and 2 servings of crackers and one oreo hundred calorie pack.
In the light of day, it seems kind of silly to call that a binge. I was hungry, I ate, and I just chose to eat something that was calorie dense (pb).
TOTAL for the day 2700

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  1. Just a couple days ago I ate Doritos and Cottage cheese for the first time. I googled it to see if anyone else had ever tried it and what do you know? It does taste really good together.