Saturday, May 9, 2009

i *HEART* chocolate!

Toasted cheese and tomato sammie- 300 calories souped up low calorie chili 120 calories
Darn sister!! Came into town and brought me Harry London Mint chocolate bars- I had this 2x
200 calories

1/2 a pb&J 150 calories

Ruby Tuesdays Lunch- cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, croutons, apple Waldorf salad, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, and grapes (i shared 1/2 the grapes and all the peas with the kid)

I ordered soup and salad and did not love the white bean chicken chili so after 3 bites i went back for some more stuff that I LOVED from the salad bar.

total for lunch 900 calories ???

Pork chop, brussel sprouts, corn, cheese toast- not pictured 2nd piece of toast 650 calories

Dessert - 100 calorie oreo thin crisps and more chocolate- together these tasted like girl scout thin mints- I had this twice- ya it was that good- 400 calories

total: 2600 calories
Dude, I woke up starving and stayed that way all day. I hate days like this.
Tomorrow I will do better.
My meal plan for tomorrow.
Brk- Apple oatmeal- 300
lunch- toasted tomato cheese/chili - 420
snack- cottage cheese with fruit - 250
dinner- grilled chicken, grilled veggies and sweet potato- 500
dessert- fruit - 150
period. no chocolate bars, NO ICE CREAM!

total will be 1650 calories (this will help me make up some of my overage)

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