Friday, May 8, 2009

Shreveport Trip Day 1

lunch/breakfast??? before we hit the road on Wednesday. 1/2 a sweet potato, leftover salad and 3 pieces of turkey- 350 calories
Siet Dr. Pepper with cherry - 50 calories

Husband wanted a snack and I caved to the smell of cheesesticks and stole 1... 90 calories ekkkk!

No picture- dinner with the family- grilled chicken honey mustard sandwhich and tator tots. These were from a local restaurant- same meal at sonic has 663 calories- I ate half my sandwhich and 3/4 my tator tots. I am rounding up to 750 just because it was very good LOL

Ok seriously this had WAY more calories then I could imagine BUT it was my favorite thing that we got all weekend... well sweets that it. Highly recommended!
Me and hubs split this medium banana cream pie blizzard- 390 calories... YEs for 1/2
half a casino sized pina colada 150 calories - not enough alcohol to make it worth it so I switched to water. That night when we left we were up $50! Next night we spent it of course but we had a really good time.
total calories for the day: 1780
Good thing I started my day off so healthy!

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