Saturday, May 23, 2009


After we left the lake we traveled the hour back to our town and went straight to a baseball game that kirts little brother was playing in. THEY WON! While there I had some peanuts - 200 calories and a strawberry shortcake bar- 160 calories. After the game was over...3 hours later we were starving and hit up chick-fil-a which has some great options.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich- 260 calories
Large fruit bowl- 100 calories
1/2 a large peach milkshake 300 calories - ok not a great choice- but well worth the calories :)

Now I am off to hydrate... I am soo thirsty after being in the sun ALL DAY. Tomorrow we will be going to several more baseball games and I am going to definitely pack better snacks for myself.

Total for the day- 1880

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