Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How honest can I be?

I refuse to lie on this blog.

Fat girl ate cake this weekend. Lots of cake.

Homemade strawberry with almond frosting birthday cake.

it wasnt fat girls birthday and she still ate 4 pieces....4 big pieces.
(Over 2.5 days... gotta love the fat girl justification as if spreading it out made it better for me)

Then fat girl woke up and sent all the rest of the addictive cake to hubs work.


really any sweet is my crack. How do I become healthy around holidays and special events? I suppose I should just stop making yummys. But I am really good at making yummys, boo. I guess I will just have to settle for...

self control + new habits

On the plus side of cake- I also made lemon and cherry iced cupcakes for my moms group monthly birthday lunch on Monday and I had exactly 1 bite. I was smart and did not take any of the leftovers home either.

PS I still want another piece of cake, if it was here I would so be eating a piece with a large glass of milk!

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