Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dude, wheres the chocolate???

Kashi Strawberry Flax Waffles- 160 calories
1 cup sliced strawberries- 50 calories
1/2 a yogurt- 60 calories

Taco Salad
3 tb lite sour cream 65 calories
1 cup of lettuce- 10 calories
1 cup tomato- 30 calories
1/2 cup black beans- 110 calories
1/4 cup shredded Kraft Natural Sharp CHeddar (some of the BEST shredded cheese!)-120 cal.
2 taco shells- 150 calories

3/4 cup pb puffins- 110 calories

medium diet dr. pepper with cherry- 50 calories
unpictured cheese stick - 90 calories and large bite of chocolate chip cookie- 100 calories??

salad with light italian- 75 calories
1 cup of broccoli- 50 calories
1 cup red pepper pasta sauce- 120 calories
1/2 cup (4) Bertoli Chicken Ravioli- 150 calories
1 meatball - 40 calories
1/2 serving turkey pepperoni- 40 calories
bread- 190 calories
total= 1770 calories

No chocolate day!!! well almost. Stupid cow at the bakery shop was like your kid needs a free cookie... I can't seem to have sweets in my hand without eating a bite so blah!
But anyways still a way good day!! Wooohooo and my funky butt mowed the lawn for 1.5 hours!!!

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