Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 3 OMG I can feel my ass growing!

Today was my graduation day from my masters program and the kids FIRST birthday!!

Snack while we were looking for breakfast bc I was starving!!

Then we found Mcdonalds but alas they were already serving lunch at 10:35 am. Boo!

Salad with light Italian- 80 calories

Double cheeseburger with no cheese (saves 100 calories)- 340 calories

and a large unsweet tea - o calories

Later for lunch
We stopped at Wendys- I had a grilled chicken sandwich 320 calories- no picture oops and a small frosty 318 calories- next time I will get the junior- half as many calories as the small

Dinner was at a local restaurant after graduation- I had 1/2 a baked potato, grilled honey mustard chicken breast, salad with ranch dressing and 1/2 a roll. around 1000 calories

mcdonalds chocolate dipped cone - 250 calories

and finally while blogging FOREVER lol I got starving and grabbed a snack.

homemade hummus, crackers and carrots 250 calories

Total: 2658 calories

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