Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strep Throat but not

I have strep throat I am sure of it but my strep test came back negative. But it has to be strep because this much agony can not be anything but something super nasty. I have been eating soft foods for the last 2 days like beans, bananas, scrambled eggs but not much of anything because it hurts to eat...watermelon water burns...blah. I am off to soak in my tub with a mug of hot tea. On a plus side when I went to the dr today the nurse told me if blood pressure was a war I would be winning...What the hell??? Who says stuff like that?? But anyway it was 113/62 which is better than the 120/80 it was a month ago when I was at the dr. Which BTW is way better than it was a year ago when I was preggos with the kid- 150/98. I wonder if all the flax, fruit, veggies, and figs have anything to do with it or maybe its just a fluke?

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