Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprized by hubs

Tonight my husband of 3 years and love of my life for 9 years surprized me.

He told me that he was excited about salad... for dinner. After his first bowl he said "is this a never ending salad bowl?" and then after his second bowl he said we should start having salad night once a week!

This is so amazingly cool because when hubs and I met he ate NO vegetables except corn, potatoes and occasionally green beans. Tonight he ate SPINACH, tomatoes, and butter lettuce!

it had boiled eggs, bacon, croutons and honey mustard too :)

I truly believe that how we eat is habits. We pick what we know and fix it the quickest way possible. Learning to cook different from our instincts/habits is HARD WORK! and it involves throwing away some stuff :( but for me I have to keep trying new ways to do things because the old ways haven't worked so far. And if my husband can learn to love spinach then I can learn to love exercise and meals that do not involve dessert.

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