Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old School Cupcakes with a twist

Tomorrow night we are having dinner with friends and offered to bring the dessert. I had a box of German chocolate cake mix and half a bag of powdered sugar leftover from Jackson's b-day and the friend declined my offer to make dumpcake because of her hate for coconut sooo cupcakes it is.

I set out to make my cupcakes healthy-er and yummy-er.

First I substituted half the oil with apple sauce then I added chili powder and Cinnamon to my chocolate cake. I thought this might be neat- like Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes :)

The frosting is some old school PERFECT buttercream flavored with vanilla and almond.

At first I thought about piping the icing on but HONESTLY it was too much work. Plus it uses A LOT of icing.

Now I have some old school cupcakes that look like the ones your mom made in 4th grade before Walmart and Pampered Chef took over the world.

Oh ya and the bonus is these only have about 250 calories each which is at least 100 calories less than most bakery cupcakes and is sooo much yummy-er.

I think I. love. them.

PS I had 1 cupcake and had to "taste" some (ok lots of somes) icing during the process :) 400 calories

total for day = 1780 calories

exercise calories for the 30 minutes I walked at the park this morning = 270 calories
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