Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 days later...

Wow has it really been two days since I have posted??? Its been a busy 2 days. Friday I was working on yard sale stuff all day and then our air conditioner went out. Luckily we have a friend whose husband fixes air conditioners and he came and fixed it for us- but we did not get in bed til almost 12:30 that night. The next morning I was awake...well sleep walking anyway at 5:50 am.
It was the perfect day for a yard sale. Overcast with a little breeze. For Arkansas in July it was almost cold LOL.

300 calories

400 calories

160 calories

Ham Sub from Subway
650 calories

Unpictured Fruit Loops for a late night snack - 300 calories

total = 1810 calories

Exercise - 30 minutes of walking at the park

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