Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today's word of the day is "adventurous". ( brought to you by the number 14....ya I am mommy for real now with my sesame street references)

I felt adventurous when I went by myself to a Zumba class this morning.

It was hard! But I made it and it was fun.

I also felt adventurous this afternoon when we went to a birthday party at a bounce house and I slide down the slide and play boxed with Kirt.

To often I am not adventurous, I do not do things because I am afraid.

I let my fears control my life for too long.

Even today I had "fear thoughts" or what if thoughts.

Like what if someone laughed at me at Zumba or what if I couldn't physically do the steps or what if I was too big for the bounce house and it broke?

I had to talk myself out of the fear what if thoughts. If someone did laugh at me I can choose to challenge or ignore them. That is my right.

If the class was to hard I can choose to modify or simply to leave.

and the fear of being so big i would pop things, well it was silly to begin with...and it didn't hurt that hubs weighs close to my weight and there were no lights and warning sirens that went off telling him "oh hell no, you to fat, get off the ride" when he got on, oh ya and nothing exploded.

Today was fun.

PS I had WONDERFUL cake today! Yummy! Gotta love birthday cake!
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