Monday, July 27, 2009

I have found the skinny people!

You cant tell anyone I told you but they congregate at the gym at 5 in the morning.

FYI: I think to be skinny maybe you have to be a touch insane

well or hate to eat.

The class was tough! Like i kinda thought about leaving 14 times and then I thought about upchucking twice and I actually laughed at the lady once when she said we should be "starting" to feel our heart rates increasing, ya right lady by that time I felt like my heart was going propel it self out of my body because it was beating so hard.

First of all I am not a morning person. Really.

Like people laughed at me when I said I was going to start taking an exercise class that started at 5:15 AM.

2nd it was like Oh my god hard.

45 minutes on a step board...doing stuff that I could barely understand let alone get my body to mimic. I am sure I looked a fool because I was not keeping up very well because I was sure I was going to fall.

and I may or may not have let out some gas...thank jesus for loud music.

But I made it.
I can't wait til the next class on Wednesday.

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