Monday, July 6, 2009

Groceries this week

I went over budget by $2.24

I got:
2 cans water chestnuts
1 can hunts tomatoes
1 can delmonte carrots
1 can kroger lima beans
rice vinegar
panko breadcrumbs (impulse buy that put me over budget!!!)
sesame oil
instant brown rice
tortilla chips
cottage cheese
2 bags sharp cheddar
Low fat cream cheese
baby wipes
2 chocolate milks (manager special for hubs :)....ya sure)
large organic fat free plain yogurt
large organic vanilla yogurt (I mix this in Jackson's milk so that he will drink it)
1/2 gallon organic whole milk
3 boxes organic cereal
2 boxes kashi waffles
marked down organic bananas
3 lemons
1 lb cherries
1 lb strawberries
coleslaw mix
3 mushrooms
1 lb carrots
4 small onions
vanilla wafers
2 marked down sausage rolls
2 cucumbers
large pork roast
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