Saturday, April 18, 2009

I want to be type A

I wish I could be that girl that obsesses over things being "right". I hate to admit it but I am generally pretty unobservant and very laid back.
I have tried to change...
Create schedules and rules.
But they get lost or I forget.
I read about Kath's day and how she cleaned the kitchen floor ON HER KNEES with 3 different cleaners/processes??? and mowed her lawn in diagonal stripes.
These are things that a person who is not type A would never EVER even think of.
I admire the perfectionism and sometimes even wish I could be "that girl" but its tiring and kind of a never ending battle of the "to do lists".

Here is a run down of my NOT Type A Saturday

Woke up with the kid a little before 8
got him changed, fed and dressed.
handed kid off to hubs and went to shower and dress
Hit a community wide yard sale- scored some cute outfits for the fall for the kid and got 1.5 hrs of walking in 485 calories burned
Allowed the husband to lust after big screens at Best Buy
hunted the mysterious NCE testing center in Little Rock
(seriously - directions sound like your entering a secret society... park in secret location, walk 1 block, go down alley, knock twice on secret door...)
Ate AMAZING high calorie lunch of grilled steak, beans, cheese dip/chips and salad at a little hole in the wall Mexican place
Played in the rain
hit up BBB and game stop
caved to serious desire for ice cream and got a SMALL custard at Shakeys
Studied for NCE
took a nap
Ate grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, and half a sweet potatoe for dinner
Now blogging and getting my deals ready for the week.

PS. I do actually clean my floors on my hands and knees but its bc I am lazy.. I just kind of wipe as I go so that I only have to really mop once in a while... like when my mother is coming to visit.


  1. OK seriously the NCE place IS like a secret society! Even the other guys who were there taking another test said something! I was even kind of spooked when I showed up early like at 8am - the alley was deserted and the door was locked....I had to knock and then stand there forever! WEndy

  2. Oh one more SO don't want to be the type A perfectionist type. It is so tiring and the stress isn't worth it!