Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Darn Marshmellows!

I had another South Beach Nut bar for a snack today- 150 Calories

Not pictured is the sammie I ate on the way to playgroup this morning- ham/cheese/mustard/whole wheat bread- 250 Calories

I had too many handfuls of these today. About 300 calories worth- BOOO

Lunch- grilled chicken and cottage cheese salad with Kraft light catalina which was surprizingly yummy. 600 calories

Fruit bars- Not my fav but pretty good. 100 calories

My "restaurant" dinner. Garlic Butter Shrimp and spinach pasta- Excellent! and only 575 calories for the plate.
I used one box Gortons Shrimp and butter sauce added 3 servings of noodles cooked to it after the shrimp turned pink. Then I added 2 extra spoonfuls of garlic, 1/4 a cup of reserved pasta water and a bag of baby spinach. Grated fresh parm on top!

Finally dessert! My secret lowfat milkshake- made with sugar free jello, skim milk, a banana and ice- 200 calories.

Total for the day= 2,175 calories. Darn marshmellows!
I worked out with my friend Megan today. We took the kids and the strollers to the park nearby and walked and ran a little for about 45 minutes.

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