Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 1 of Blogging EVERYTHING I eat

Soo I started taking pictures on Saturday... and now I think I got the habit down. The first few days were sporadic and we went out to eat and I didnt bring my camera and I thought about posting it all now but that would annoy me so here I am.

Day 1 (Please remember that I am not on a diet YET, right now I am just starting a new habit of taking a picture of every thing I eat)

Breakfast- a filled doughnut and half of an apple fritter with a glass of 2 % and a side of NCE notecards.
NCE stands for National Counselor Exam and it is THE TEST that will allow me to get licensed or
I know I am going to have to eat something better for lunch before I go take my test so I will not crash.

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