Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fa La La... i'm a fat girl

I have weighed over 200 lbs since 7th grade. I know this because I was in weight watchers at that time and had to weigh every week. I went for about 2 months. All I really remember is little booklets that said what to eat and the scale going up every week. 195...197....199
til it hit 200lbs and so then I quit.

285 lbs is my current weight, size 24-26

boo, there its on the page for the world to see, I cannot take it back or hide from it.

Fa la la... I'm a fat girl.


  1. 1. I adore you.
    2. You can do it.
    3. I'm here for you 100% of the weigh (way, get it, play on words..)

  2. Oh my goodness Renee you crack me up SO MUCH! I got this link from your frugal blog. I admire you...put it OUT there girl! Nothing more to hide from! YOU GO! GO FOR IT!

    Wendy S.