Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thursday Morning we got up way to early and loaded mr jackson in the car to take him to stay with his great grandma for the weekend.

I miss the lil booger. A lot!

But it has been fun to play childless for a while. Hubs birthday was also on Thursday so after driving for 5 hours I asked what he wanted to do for his bday and he said "go to the gym together"

I played Wallyball (volley ball on a raquet ball court- 10 people are on the court at once!).

I sucked. but at least I tried.

it was fun...kinda. Its very loud because its enclosed and the ball hits the walls alot and I am not soo good when under pressure and the ball flies all over the place and my a.d.d kicked in a couple times....well anyway I think I will stick with my workout classes.

it was VERY FUN to see hubs having a great time, he loves anything competitive.

Then we went to a late showing of Harry Potter- not the best but we were the ONLY people in the theatre so that was kinda cool.
Since we had not eaten dinner and were starving we got popcorn to share.
Dude stale popcorn sucks....and $8 stale popcorn really sucks.

So its was after 1 by that time and we were both starving so we hit up Mcdonalds for breakfast food. I had a bacon egg biscuit, dissappointingly though :( booo again!

Finally on Friday I got some good eats.
me and chickie banana went to Jasons Deli for the first time.

Seriously, I am in love.

AMAZING Salad Bar.

Then we shopped for 7 hours.

Dinner was some more amazing grub at a Brazilian grill called Gauchos- hmmm Atkins dieters paradise. I think I am now set on protein for a month.

Hubs rented the newest Fast and Furious, loved seeing all the original cast back together and then we hit the hay around 2 am again.

Today things are finally slowing down. We went to a Greek restarant for lunch called Layla's in west little rock.

Hummus & babbaganoush & tabbouleh with fresh warm pitas for appetizers & then hubs got a spinach garlic pizza and I got a gyro ( but ate some pizza after only a couple bites of gyro which was not my fav)

First time for both of us on gyro, tabbouleh and babbaganoush.

then we went to Harvest Food to get some supplies (shrimp, yogurt, whole wheat pastry flour, spices, honey, TVP & wheat gluten) and gifts for the gma (cocoa nibs & cashews).

Fun couple of days!

Next on my to do list is going to Kroger and Walmart.

Then its time for me to start cooking.

I am going to attempt to do once month cooking!

Then menu is planned and the lists are ready to go!

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