Friday, August 7, 2009

something awkward happened after my "i think i am going to die" workout class this morning.

An old man (yes there are several men in the class- soo weird) but back to this particular old man.

He walked up to me, said "good job" and stuck his hand out for a high five!!

Ok what is one supposed to do in this situation... I mean I couldn't very well leave the man hanging and how is he supposed to know that I:
  1. am not a morning person
  2. don't talk to strangers
  3. and definitely don't do high fives with them especially at 6 am when my legs are jelly and I have a huge wedgie and cant pick it because there are mirrors everywhere because apparently skinny people like to LOOK at themselves while getting all red faced and sweaty.

so I gave him a weak high five and said thanks and left quickly.

Polite but not encouraging of more interaction. that's how I roll.

Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of a wedgie in a room full of mirrors.

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