Sunday, January 17, 2010

I signed up to do the "biggest loser" competition with my peeps at work. Again.

Last time I lost a total of 2lbs and really I am not sure I can really claim even that because the final weigh involved me in taking off various layers of clothing so that I would not end up owing those Nazis any more money.

Can you ever really look your superviser in the face again when you weighed in front of her in a teeshirt, socks and your panties??

She assured me that she got naked as well, but I am not so sure that she just was trying to make me feel less like a fool.

In my own defense when we started it was still hot and I wore skirts and light shirts and by the final weigh in I was wearing 2 shirts and jeans. Ok ya I am giving excuses. I am pretty sure I never "dieted" the whole 3 months. Every 2 weeks when we weighed in I would just pray there was not a gain on the scale because I hate giving money away.

But now we are starting over from scratch.

and you better believe I wore like 14 layers to give myself a "buffer" of sorts because you pay wether you stay the same or gain.

OMG reading this over I feel like a loser...

No desserts for over a week now, made it to the gym twice and walked in the neighborhood once and I am down 1.5 lbs.

P.S My husband is still annoying me. His work is stressful, my work is stressful and our kid was sick earlier in the week. Not a good combination. I miss the days of staying home with my kid, life was so less complicated and so more enjoyable.

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