Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy diary

SO I stayed up til 10:30 making pink speckled rice crispy treats and putting them in cute little pink heart covered bags.

I went to bed feel like the mommy who had her shiz together.

Then this morning I overslept and just barely made it out the door on time.

again felt like I had my shiz together be we made it with all of his Valentines stuff and me a healthy lunch.

then i got to daycare 25.5 minutes later and went to get the kid out of the car and realized that I had forgot his shoes....

yes. no shoes.

So I stuff the kid back in his car seat and speed to walmart where kid sees the Valentines Cupcakes and screams at the top of his lungs "cupcake.. cupcake" all the way to the back of the store... the whole time I am trying to pick out a pair of non ugly toddler shoes that fit... all the way to the check out line and the whole car ride back to his daycare.

At which point he sees a ball and gets distracted...."momma... ball, mommma football"


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