Sunday, January 24, 2010

I had this urge to write "oooooo pick me pick me pick me" on my Ph.D. applications.

I didnt..but i really really wanted to.

When my first draft got done I sent it to my mom for "shredding" because if nothing else she's honest. well and a good writer.

My dad called me and said "its too informal and sounds like a blog" I asked if it was entertaining and he told me yes, very and funny.

I cussed at him because i was acting like a child and he hurt my feelings and I wanted my MOTHER to read the stupid thing. I am pretty sure I referenced to my father that she sucks as a mom and support system and this is the most important thing in my life blah blah blah yeah i was like 15 again.

What can I say. I have mommy complications. Its a long story. Really short goes like this- parents divorced when i was 16, dad got custody and moved us from the big city where we had grown up to bumfuck no wheres arkansas, we spent most of our time taking turns insulting my mother and sharing stories of the mean stuff we did to her during summer visits like steal her jewelery and pawn it.

Then my parents got remarried 2 years ago on valentines day. Yeah you can throw up if you need to.

Now they are very happily married with no kids and 2 dogs and a cat in texas.

Now everyone is nice to one another and when my sister, father and I get together we have a hell of a lot less to talk about.

My mom called a couple hours after i said my mean things to dad.

She apologized. not sure she has ever done that.

Skeegy bitch.

she has been busy with her first week back to nursing school and helping my dad get ready to move to Florida for his new job. I felt petty and mean and self centered. Boo.

Then she helped me write my paper better.

Somewhat boring. but less rambling, more professional and doctor like.

Now if I dont get in I can blame my parents. lol


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