Friday, November 13, 2009

today i decided i wanted lap band surgery...watched videos online...psyched myself up, hell I even posted my desire on facebook. (not really the wisest idea)

Husbands insurance does not cover it.

In February I can opt into insurance at my work and they do cover it.

So now I have to wait.

I am not really that good at being patient or waiting.

I wanted surgery like tomorrow.

PS. I deleted the facebook posting- my feelings get hurt really easy and I hate people giving me warnings of dire consequences when all I want is to look hot in a swim suit. WHo wants to think about death??? Fuck Forrest Gump and his damn life is like a box of chocolates bullshit- I want to cheat and get the box with the map of which chocolates are which because I want to KNOW what I am going to get.

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