Thursday, November 12, 2009

This week I have been at conference…Arkansas Counseling Association Annual Conference to be exact. LOVED IT…yes I am about the biggest dork you can meet. It makes my day to learn new things in my field. I attended sessions on pediatric bipolar, girl bullying, Jungian approach to adolescence and using creative arts with kids. Plus I had meetings for the Licensed Counselor Division in which I am secretary, got offered v ice president position but turned it down because of my plans for next year and the increase in work that it would entail.
But the most earth moving life changing epiphany creating thing that happened is that I used a coozie for the first time. LOVED IT why do I not own one of these things... why have I never used one.. why was this not on my wedding registry list???
Its cool though I got two this week at conference. One day I want to get one with my name on it.
On the eating front, no pictures but I haven’t hated myself for what I have been eating. I have not been “good” by any means- ate lots of sugar but also did things in new ways. For example threw away ice cream with chocolate sauce that was really really good but I was full. Didn’t eat more than a bite of some foods that were just meh when going out to eat.
Earlier this week I also did some things that were kind of out of character for a fat girl: decided NOT to get a birthday cake because I knew I would eat too much of it. Chose instead to have one dessert each day while on vacation. Not sure if it was the best idea but it sure was fun and there was no overeating of sweets!

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